The Top 9 Video Game Women You Wouldn’t Want To Be With

Blistered Thumbs: "There are a lot of women in video games, aren’t there? Their roles range from simple goals of a quest to the main character of the game, and their personalities are just as wide and varied. And of course, a lot of them are pretty… very pretty. As a man, I tend to notice this.

Even the most evil of evil wenches in games still manage to pull off head-turning looks here and there, making us question if it’s really worth fighting for the side of good. Of course, there are always those little niggling quirks, those impracticalities that would make maintaining a relationship with these women something of a challenge.

So today we’re looking at the top 9 women in video games that you really wouldn’t want to be with, for one reason or another."

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RedDragan2836d ago

No Sarah Kerrigan?

Cracking looking lass, someone you could take home to meet your mother. But when she is the Queen of Blades she has a little bit of a bad attitude, and might turn you into a suicide bomber so that can put a hold on any relationship.

Apart from that, I'd tap it.

VTKC2836d ago

Putting aside the fact they are fictional characters (apart from how the MGS girls are based on real people) I would love to meet the MGS girls/Trish/Bayonetta and Morrigan. Just dont get them angry and it will be ok.

Acquiescence2836d ago

To hell with the consequences; sometimes it's best to be impulsive and think with your tallywacker. So she's a succubus - ehhh.

2836d ago
anasurimbor2836d ago

Bayonetta looks like some kind of spider or something.