GC: Next-gen race will end in a draw, says Midway exec

Midway's European marketing director, Al King, has told that he believes the race to win the biggest market share during the next-gen console cycle will end in a draw.

In an exclusive interview, King said he thinks Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo's new consoles will each secure an equal share of the market, "because all of them are compelling, and all of them have got a slightly different alliance of publishers and developers that are developing content for each one".

The split will also be down to the fact that each platform holder is targeting a different audience, according to King.

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rj815373d ago

We already know this. Incredible market share losses for Sony (due to an inferior product) and incredible market share gains for MS (due to a superior product). That's the way a market system works.

bernie5373d ago

A drop for Sony, a gain for Microsoft, a new start for Nintendo.
More hardware choices for developers, no runaway leader = all good stuff for us (with new innovative games and great choice).

kikilala5373d ago

meaning that is even more impressive gains for Nintendo.. from last to 1st place tie.. with its inferior product... then if u look at it.. what u called "superior" MS product fails too... hmm.. what a shame for both MS & Sony if that happened... both superior than Nintendo product.. yet both lose.. at least Sony can keep a better face than MS since u said they have what u called "inferior" product (eventhough nobody knows what the hell that this "inferior" product could do outside of Sony & its developers partners).. its expected of them to lose.. but a "superior" product lose to the most inferior product... so embarassing... thats a nightmare for MS.. geezz.. u got what u called "superior" product.. better than the other two (this is according to what u say rj).. yet still u didnt get to be no 1?? i wouldnt want to be in that place... its like two grown ups lose to a kid... hehe... eventhough one beat the other but the kid beat them both.. impressive for a kid...

bung tickler5373d ago

first of all you totaly missed what he is saying and second of all if anything nintendo would be the teacher and ms and sony would be the students... both companies would be nothing if it wereent for them standing on nintendo's shoulders.

kikilala5373d ago

ur correct in a sense that nintendo is the teacher for both sony and MS.. but for this next gen competition.. in term of hardware capabilities... nintendo is a kid compared to sony and MS console.. i dont miss what he say.. yeah its a drop for sony and gain for MS.. but like i said.. if basing on his statement MS has the "superior" console.. so that would means in his view.. sony has the inferior product.. and nintendo openly admit they product is inferior in terms of power to those two...

what u dont get is, if its true in this case that MS is still has the superior console.. its still fail to get to the top.. yeah they manage to snatch sony shares of the market but nintendo snatches more.. losing to the inferior console.. two generation in a row.. how does that sound to you.. if u consider market shares jump Nintendo #1, MS #2 and Sony #3.. so nintendo win.. even with its inferior console... thats the big picture over there...

rj815373d ago

Kikilala: I'm sorry, let me clarify. When I wrote "superior" I wasn't refering to 360, PS3 or Wii specifications. I was referring to each console's market positioning and value proposition. The PS3 is inferior in this department as it is priced too high yet the perception is that it does not offer anything over the 360 (i.e. it is asking more for same). The wii is positioned very well (i.e. less for more). The 360 is in the middle.

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kewlkat0075373d ago

"A drop for Sony, a gain for Microsoft, a new start for Nintendo."

Wow!! you gamers are on point..I don't even have to comment much. Ya took the words right out my mouth.

While everything is still "wait to be seen", not that I care about who wins. As we know Sony is the top dawg and MS is the underDawg so any gains MS take away from Sony is achieving something.
That must means sony must loose something and just like I predict it will be. There will be no domination at least not now. unless somebody really drops the ball and I can't see MS doing that with thier momentum. Sony has more to loose.

I've always beena big fan of underDawgs..I repeat not a fanatic/fanboi.

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