Evolution Of Id Software's New Id Tech 5 Engine

A Video Showcasing Id software's next gen engine, currently being used to develop Rage.

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RevXM2745d ago

Evolution of their 5th engine?

More like visual evolution over the years.
Rage does look very good indeed.

mickross1232744d ago

Well its meant as the evolution from their first engine to the new one.

And I agree Rage does look beautiful, cant wait to see it in action for myself when it releases.

Tsar4ever012745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

id software has come along way, and good for them, But sorry id software & John Carmack, You still have ways to go to reach the power of Crysis & Crysis: Warhead graphics Ip, off the CRYENGINE 2, which in fact about 4 years old now. Not even the Cryengine 3 can't match the tech, it's been dumbed down so it could run on the x360/ps3.

Crytek's Cryengine 2's still the greatest PCGaming graphics IP ever.