Sony Moves Eight Million Motion Controllers to Challenge Xbox’s Kinect

Sony has sold more than eight million units of the PlayStation Move motion controller, revealing that while it continues to trail Microsoft’s Kinect, it may be beginning to catch up.

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Bigpappy2745d ago

Still missing the point. It is not about who sells the most controllers. It is about these companies explanding their base. Selling consoles to new customers. Selling controller has never been a big deal. If M$ or sony sell 40 mil controllers by year end and it is not bringing new customer to the base, they would have failed.

InspectorG2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

I got to disagree, if they sold 40 mil controllers without new customers that is far from failure - in fact it opens up the opportunity for sony/microsoft to sell games to a 'move/kinect only' crowd. If on the other hand they sold a total of a few thousand - even if they were new customers, then that would be a failure. Because there would be nearly no room for expansion. And they are not going to develop games that will only sell a few thousand total...

MaxXAttaxX2745d ago

'Bigpappy' sure changes his views rather quickly.

Anyway, I'm behind with whoever delivers motion gaming with REAL games.

Then again, I still really prefer a normal controller, like most gamers.

fear882745d ago

The idea for any peripheral or console is not to just extend the customer base, it is to provide a viable means of both entertainment value and business success. There is plenty of hardware to convey a technical feature or achievement but there are very few outstanding games to convey the importance of either Kinect or Move.

The one thing Move does have over Kinect isn't the ability to grow a consumer base on hardware alone but rather its great versatility in application.

It allows the developers a great choice in applying an alternative working method of control to better complement their foundation on a solid game design.

As an example, Killzone 3 and Heavy Rain, both work well in a standard control scheme and in a more dynamic motion scheme. But because of the choice in control it allows not only the consumer a choice in the existing experience, which can enhance the immersion of the experience, but also provide a great opportunity for developers to branch out to attract a greater following through that option.

People might not have played Heavy rain with the dualshock due to its less intuitive implementation in the game but because of a more straight forward and approachable alternative was there it expanded its possibility to reach more people.

In Killzone 3 it really was not a system (move) seller under the definition but it did provide a very functional and convenient alternative to play and enhance the experience. It allowed a more immersible and practical experience without cheapening or deterring the original dynamics of the game.

It is only an added benefit it works very well and accurate in Killzone 3 thus giving the game itself another feature to sell on but also emphasizes the practical purpose of the move controller itself.

RememberThe3572745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

And we wont really know the impact of these controllers until they have some serious software for them. MS doesn't have anything for Kinect and Sony keeps putting Move support in game people seem to rather play with a DuelShock.

@below: In fact, I haven't. I didn't know those sales number were public knowledge... But do you really think that Socom is selling better because of Move? Bigpappy's point is that if it doesn't expand the user base than it hasn't had the desired effect. We have yet to see how Move will capture that wider audience that wouldn't have bought said game without motion controls.

Now for you defensive fanboys out there, I'm not saying Move or Kinect aren't help their systems. All I'm saying is that we don't have a very good picture of how their effecting their consoles user base yet. So no need to get all snotty and defensing.

Neko_Mega2745d ago

Guess you didn't see how well Playstation Move Bundle with Socom 4 is doing then.

Army_of_Darkness2745d ago

"Sony keeps putting Move support in game people seem to rather play with a DuelShock."

who are these people you refer too?! cause frankly, I enjoy/ prefer playing RE5, DS: extractions and KZ3 with the move controller way more than I do with the dualshock...

KonaBro2745d ago

because you are making baseless assumptions like "Sony keeps putting Move support in game people seem to rather play with a DualShock." You neither I have a crystal ball and can see the future so it's better to look at this neutrally instead of making inflammatory statements such as that.

baodeus2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )


I believe rememberthe357 is just using generalization without any concrete evidences to back up his claim. Until he have concrete evidences (majority data of sells, surveys or something of sort) to show otherwise. Your argument however is similar to rememberthe357 because you aren't representing the majority of ps3 owners out there either unless u have some concrete evidences (like above) to show otherwise.

But nonetheless, here are some questions that i think could potentially help to make at least a decent guesstimate of how well kinect or move would do in the future.

1. Do you think a majority of casual gamers can distinguish the differences between wii mote and the move on ps3?

2. Now if they can't distinguish the differences between that, will they just dump the wii and go out to buy a more expansive console to get practically the same experience (according to them)?

3. Now even if they can distinguish the differences, would they go out to buy a more expansive console to play many games that aren't casual or cater to them (KZ, Socom, etc...)?

3. Now which one (kinect or move) do you think differentiate itself more from the wii controller to the casual gamers?

4. Which one (kinect or move) do you think cater more to casual gamers, based on the type of softwares available currently and the trend that MS or Sony seem to be moving toward in the future with motion gaming?

5. Are there more casual gamer or more hard core gamers currently and in the future?

Now they are just guesstimate based on the current trend. Because I don't know exactly what Sony/MS/Nintendo plan in the future so the outcomes may differ. But currently, move catching up to kinect may not sound plausible.

I think it also help explain to Jack Trenton when he said he doesn't understand why kinect selling so much at that price compare to the move. I would like to ask Jack on what sony's is really aiming for when they release the move.

Sheikh Yerbouti2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

There is a large contingent of gamers out there enjoying Move with SOCOM and Killzone. It may not be on Oprah, but it is the conversations among those who matter...gamers.

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cooperdnizzle2745d ago

Not true, Its not about any # at all.. Its about games and having something new and fun to use while you game. And Sony did a pretty good job with that. I do not love my move but its pretty well done. I have had fun with some of the games. My knicet on the other hand, well lets just say i have used it for maybe 2 hours at the most. Its pretty bad and boring.

Plus its not about selling consoles or new customers. To Sony and M$ its about money. And let me tell ya, the devices cost way less to make than they sell, by a huge amount. Both Sony and M$ are laughing to the bank. Hell if you sell 8 million of anything your making good money.

Good job Sony, I love your console more than anything besides my guitar. I will say this i am a fan boy and i am proud to be one. Sony is the best company ever. And i am glad that there are getting some love with the PlayStation.

KMxRetro2745d ago

"Kinect is pretty bad and boring."

Well, if you've only spent two hours playing Kinect Adventures in the store, then you would think that.

Kinect Sports is excellent (and not boring). Dance Central is excellent (and not boring). "Sony is the best company ever" is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard. They may be a good company (I love my PS3 and Move) - but the fact that you want to have babies with them is clouding your judgement and making you sound like a fool.

DaTruth2745d ago

I'm pretty sure he said "MY KINECT"; as in, he owns a Kinect and doesn't use it much!

Lawliet2745d ago

What? And who said that Sony isn't expanding their user base? They just broke 50million units sold worldwide! That's a remarkable achievement for being the most expensive console to date. Btw, selling peripherals had never been a purpose of increasing user base. Peripherals are to open new options to the gamers, and to bring profit thats all. Don't tell me, you actually think every Kinect is brought fresh out of a new Xbox?

Mr Tretton2745d ago

PS3 wasn't the most expense console ever.

Neo Geo.

Lawliet2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

True that Neo Geo is indeed the most expensive console ever by extra $50, but that console is one crappy shit! I game with my SNES follow by a PSone in the 90s. Before that I was still gaming on my Saturn. Neo Geo was like a one huge farce!

It is like selling the PS3 on Ebay for $2000.

Vherostar2745d ago

Still not bad though 8 million it means devs will continue to support it in the future. I noticed a lot lately since I bought my new 360 (loving it by the way) there are a LOT of Kinects pre-owned in my local stores and they keep reducing the price as they are having trouble shifting them CEX are now selling for £70 and only giving you £30 for something that was £30 on launch! That comes with there own 1 year warranty too.

KMxRetro2745d ago

Yup - because there are no new games. After E3 this year, Kinect will be hot again.

jneul2745d ago

aren't you the one who said move was failing to sell lol, it nearly toppled ten years of eyetoy sales all within a couple of months and is only 2m behind kinect, not bad for a peripheral without a 500m maketing budget:-D

Optical_Matrix2745d ago

Well then you should tell that to MS because although Kinect sold 10 million, software sales have barely increased above what they were. Meaning in effect, Kinect is either not expanding the install base, or it is, but as with the Wii..people aren't buying games lol

ComboBreaker2745d ago

and without the 500 million dollars marketing too.

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RememberThe3572745d ago

"Sony is also lying their ass off. They have not sold 50 million PS3s to consumers, nor have they come close to selling 8 million Move controllers to consumers. Sony is using the old shipped to retailer numbers as sold.

Microsoft meanwhile is using sold to consumers when it comes to Kinect."

See, there are dumbass fanboys everywhere.

Vherostar2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

Yep its that way everywhere people will never change they actually believe MS can track sold numbers to consumers because one guy once on a forum said they can.

coryok2745d ago

its quite impossible to track how many of a product have been sold to customers, shipped numbers are the only relevant numbers as theyre the only one that anyone knows.

what you can say though is that if retailers continue ordering them repeatedly and cant keep them in stock, than shipped will be close to sold. both the move and microsofts dance machine shipped and sold numbers are relatively close

DaTruth2745d ago

I'm not debating whether they do it or not, but it is definitely not impossible!

Many companies track directly to the consumers, you need only ask a question every time they place an order and they have to call you to order. Or have a profile of how much each retailer keeps in stock and do the math every time they order, it's called a customer profile!

jneul2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

lol butthurt much the real sales wont be far behind those figures as you can only ship what retailers want and at the end of the day they aint gonna let lots of ps3's or moves be gathering dust, just accept the fact that they both in demand and stop being a fanboy, ps ms always uses shipeed figures as well, there is no real way to track how many has been sold to the customer outside of the us (npd will track all us related sales)

king dong2745d ago

hold on a minute.... yet every sony fanboy likes to shout "stuffing the channel" when talking about microsoft...

seriously n4g and its fanboys are beyond belief

showtimefolks2745d ago

they said its not a race but a marathon and this shows while MS had a huge success with natal but spending 500million on advertisement and renting space in time square to show it off was a big part of it

now i am not saying move has had no advertisement that would be a lie but not even half of what MS spend

i think both sony and MS are happy with the success and that was the first year now with better software by hopefully both companies more core game might be able to get on it


i see your point but if they sell 40million each and sell 100million consoles which both are on pace to do they would be happy

how soon before sony also launch move with ps3 for same price and give the controller for free?

both companies will drop the price for motion controller and its system in 2011

coryok2745d ago

not only did they spend 500 million on advertising but they had to buy the product also... they didnt make it, someone else made it and had been trying to sell it to sony (who said they didnt want it) and microsoft stepped in and now have to pay for the tech

jetlian2745d ago

baught the company for 20-30 million

coryok2745d ago

@jetlian microsoft didnt acquire primesense, the company that made the tech behind kinect.

- primesense is a privately owned company, microsoft doesnt own any part of it.

microsofts acquired canesta (i believe this is what youre getting mixed up), which provided gesture control tech for sonys eyetoy on the ps2. it hints that microsoft is using the same gesture control schema that sony used in ps2's eyetoy in x360s kinect (actually it more than hints it, it pretty much confirms that they have the same gesture control limitation).

primesense isnt in any exclusive deal with microsoft, at the moment theyre already licensing kinect technology to acer, who hopes to be selling their own kinect (which will obviously be named differently) in competition with microsoft.

humbleopinion2745d ago

Actually, the first tech company that MS bought was 3DV - that company was probably the first to come up with the idea. It then made an agreement with Primesense in order to get access to their tech and later on moved to buying Canesta as well.
Add to that tons of R&D spending from various departments in MS (speech recognition, image processing, etc).

So the actual tech in the Kinect is actually the fruits of 3 DIFFERENT tech companies R&D and patents + Microsoft own internal developments.

There's so much effort beyond bringing such a thing to the market, that no wonder Nintendo and Sony where both afraid to pick up the glove when approached by Primesense - the sensor itself is not of much use without all the effort and R&D spending to make it worthwhile.
Good luck for anyone trying to compete with it now...

Sheikh Yerbouti2745d ago

I think future iterations of the PSEye will incorporate some of this technology as it matures, but I feel it will be even more ubiquitous than that...PC's, baby monitors, digital walls and projectors, TVs, etc.

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PS360PCROCKS2745d ago

ya difference is xbox comes bundled with kinect and PS3 does not. 8 million or not it's a big boost for everyone's business and adds variety to those who want it. I like variety, the wii is not variety, if I could play certain wii games with no motion I'd be happy.

baodeus2745d ago


then u must have disagree with Neko_Mega

"Guess you didn't see how well Playstation Move Bundle with Socom 4 is doing then"

i hope u weren't one of the guy who agree with him cause that would make you a hypocrite, but i doubt you are one right ps360pcrocks?

Although how is that bundle doing, i'm actually interested.

GarandShooter2745d ago

I bought the 320GB Sports Champion bundle from Walmart for $350.00. Sony will probably have several bundles to appeal to differing tastes.

Where do people get the misconception that bundles are bad? I was buying another PS3 and was going to get the Sports Champion Move bundle anyway. I got lucky enough to find the 320GB/SC bundle and it saved me $100.00!

PS360PCROCKS2745d ago

what the hell are you talking about baodeus? i never said bundles were bad either. The xbox is SOLD with no choice but to own a Kinect, pS3 isn't.

Sheikh Yerbouti2745d ago

You can get both the 4GB and 250GB without Kinect bundled, with the 250GB costing as much as the 4GB with Kinect, $299. Maybe the Kinect bundles aren't selling at your local Bestest Buys.

PS360PCROCKS2745d ago

I worked at best buy til last week and we don't sell xbox 360's without Kinect. I know this because I had to tell people you're stuck with it whether you want it or not. Go to their website it says "store pickup not available" we sometimes had the 4GB without it but it seems like Best buy doesn't want to do that because it lowers your purchase amount. It's all about the green!

Godmars2902745d ago

Until there are Kinect/Move games out that are honestly worth playing, why are we attacking/defending them? Right now it just means people are buying both, only to let them if not the systems they're on collect dust.

Mr Tretton2745d ago

I'll admit I haven't played Move much at all since it came out and I don't like playing shooters with it. Probably selling it next week to help pay for the games coming out Tuesday.

If it really picks up and becomes really interesting to me later on, then I'll gladly rebuy it, but right now I just don't need it personally.

That's just my opinion folks, don't hate.

mickross1232745d ago

But thats not good for Sony's reputation Mr Tretton, love it like your job depends on it.

Don't make me get Mr. Butler over here to 'persuade you to'
In good nature of course :)

kikizoo2745d ago

Don't talk for "people", you probably don't buy game for move, or even don't habe move, but others do, and play old one stop being in the "people" mind, you don't know what they are doing.

Godmars2902745d ago

No, I don't have Move, but I've heard too many "people" say they hardly use it. See reviews for Move titles under six. Games for MC for all systems by all obvious accounts are under delivering and if "people" like yourself can't even admit that things aren't going to get any better.

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