Wii-hab: Rehabilitating the Seriously Injured

Minneapolis-based CBS affiliate WCCO reported on October 13 that the Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, has been using the Wii in its physical rehabilitation program with tremendous success. The institute calls the program "Wii-hab" and uses the Wii's freeform motion controls as "a safe but realistic way to retrain" the bodies of people suffering from serious injury.

Therapists reported that Wii-hab is working.

"I've seen spinal cord patients really regain the ability to move - gain movement from everything that help them wash their face, brush their teeth, to get in and out of the chair to start a car," said Occupational Therapist Jennifer Smith.

The Sister Kenny Research Center is tracking the results of "Wii-hab" and may report their findings next year.

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socomnick4479d ago

That picture is hilarious I guess we now know who's buying the wii the now senior baby boomer generation. :P jk jk

ktchong4479d ago (Edited 4479d ago )

and little girls, and young women, and soccer moms, and SUV housewives.

and those demographics make up over 50% of the world's population.

those are the markets that are OWNED by Wii.

those are the markets that PS3 or Xbox 360 can never touch.

those are the markets that Sony and Microsoft desperately want but just can't get.

socomnick4479d ago

I hope Microsoft does not get into that demographic I don't want to play cooking mama.

unsunghero284479d ago (Edited 4479d ago )

That's not ALL Wii has.

Check out GameSpot... Brawl has been the #1 most popular games ever since their media summit preview came out.