Project Cafe: IGN Editor Reactions

Even more news is leaking in about Nintendo's next console. We've learned that it's being called Project Cafe, and we got some scoops on how the controller works. It's a lot to take in, and it certainly seems like a different kind of console, but what do the editors think of all this?

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Rute2740d ago

My guess is that Nintendo is going to utilize the concept of augmented reality in some form (Wikipedia - augmented reality: live direct or indirect view of real-world environment's elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input).

Just how the new type of utilization will set it apart from competing systems like Kinect and PS Eye remains to be seen. Just like the IGN staff, I'm worried that the cost of the system, especially the touch screen controllers, will be too high. Nintendo must know that Wii had disappointed many gamers when it comes to the time the new control method of Wii kept felt fresh instead of a chore, although admittedly some games like Metroid Prime 3 really felt like a genuine step forwards in regards to gameplay controls. So Nintendo have to convince people that you want to play this system continuously for at least 5 years, and not leave it gathering dust.

prodg522740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

Imagine hitting your tv screen with THAT controller!

Edit: I have a feeling the name "Cafe" may have something to do with the operating system. Google perhaps?

Perkel2740d ago

yeah i see those people after 1 year of using new pads. Broken LCD screen.

SkyCrawler2740d ago

nicole needs a man lol i keed but her bit on the codename was stupid aswell