Destructoids Colette Bennett On Hot Girls In Gaming Ep. 6 (The Industry Angel)

Colette Bennett has achieved so much in her years in this industry and much much more is too come. This girl is a great writer and editor and also has managed to be the Editor N Chief of a successfull site called

She’s Sexy, Smart, and Highly Driven to be the best she can from the female perspective in this business and it’s these reasons why she’s the (Industries Angel)

Also, Find Out What She Would Be Like In ______ ?

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Hitman07692839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

This is one smokin' hot gaming chick I haven't heard of yet. Glad to see more about who she is and her knowledge in the gaming world so I can keep my eye out.

9thGenHero2839d ago

Yeah man, she is definitely an awesome part of the destructoid family, going to pay more attention to her now :)

jack_burt0n2839d ago

likewise, destructoid is a POS, but yeah this girl seems to be a genuine gaming female.

And that article pic is FTW.

nice one hhg and colette.

undercovrr2839d ago

Girls shouldn't have really short hair, it ruins it for me

Pozzle2839d ago

It's a good thing she isn't styling her hair for your tastes then.

Cablephish2839d ago

I don't mind short hair on a girl. What's wrong with you?!

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The story is too old to be commented.