Gametrailers: Twisted Metal- David Jaffe Juggernaut Interview

Gametrailers: "Creator David Jaffe reveals the Juggernaut vehicle, new details on Nuke Mode and much more in this packed interview for Twisted Metal on PS3."

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dachiefsman2834d ago

huge jaffe fan...but i am sensing a downfall here.

helrazor3432834d ago

I'm excited for this. I love the Twisted Metal games (even though I'm not great at them), it is a blast, and so freaking demented. This is exactly the kind of game I like crowding around a t.v. with my friends on (even though our gatherings seem fewer and further between).

Dart892834d ago

Dude u don't need to be good at TM what's better than playing with you're friends and blowing shizznit up with cars that's what matters to me lol.

banjadude2834d ago

So Juggernaut is like.... the "next tier" Minion? Awesome.

soundslike2834d ago

the cool kids are already callin' it the T2 Mini

at least thats what I heard

banjadude2833d ago

haha, I'll be sure to remember that for next time!

Jdub895O2834d ago

jaffe is awesome.I trust hell put out a great game as usual

Bravo42834d ago

Jaffe says the same thing in every interview, yet I never get tired of watching them LOL! (No homo.)

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