What We Know About "Project Cafe"

GAMINGtruth investigates details of Nintendo's new console called "Project Cafe":

The internet has been a buzz with Nintendo news since the leak of a possible “Wii 2” reveal. GAMINGtruth now has some answers to some of the questions that have been brewing about this “New Console”...

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SleazyChimp2743d ago

They had better give it a serious name this time. If it even has the lame Wii name anywhere in the title Im boycotting. If they truly are trying to recapture the hardcore crowd it needs a kick ass name. Nintendo Death Machine, or the Nintendo Beast...ok both of those suck, but each are way better Wii, Wii Too, Wii Poo, Super Wii. ect.

SleazyChimp2743d ago

Oh and I want to see a badass Zelda game at launch!