Minecraft to Sue FortressCraft

Most gamers who have played Minecraft also know about FortressCraft, the so-called "clone" released on the Xbox 360 on the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace.

VVGtv has received confirmation from DJ Keemstar (PR Representative for ProjectorGames) that Minecraft's Mojang Indie studio is suing ProjectorGames for the release of FortressCraft.

Details of the legal battle will be posted as they arise, but for now we have confirmation that Mojang is taking legal action against ProjectorGames.


A recent Tweet by Notch (Markus Persson) at Mojang revealed that they apparently aren't suing anyone:

"Yep, I just asked Carl to make sure. We're not suing anyone."

--Notch (Markus Persson) at Mojang - Twitter via Web - Saturday April 16, 2011 6:07 am

Was this a publicity stint from ProjectorGame's PR representative? Apparently so. VVGtv will keep gamers updated as new details arise.

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Jio2741d ago

Good job Notch, let 'em have it! :D

evrfighter2741d ago

funny if true.

shoulda used spheres instead of cubes. any judge not familiar with gaming will look at minecraft then fortresscraft and side with notch.

I_find_it_funny2741d ago

Microsoft should never allow this game

ChrisW2741d ago


"Microsoft should never allow this game"

Hmmm... deep pockets, potential of copyright infringement, pompous notion of who's going to win any court case... I'd say Microsoft knew what they were doing.

Do feel sorry for Mojang, though.

inveni02741d ago

They can't sue them for having a similar game. Otherwise, the market wouldn't be saturated with shooters right now. CoD and BF would never be out of court.

Bull5hifT2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

3D Dot Game Heros should sue MineCraft for depicting a Block World, and Red Faction Should Sue MineCraft For Using A Level Changing Tool Much Like The Destructable Enviroments That you could Mine Out

Elven62740d ago

ChrisW and I_find_it_funny: Xbox Live Indie Games are monitored by the community, not Microsoft (only under special circumstances do they get involved).

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egidem2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

They should.

Minecraft is a unique game that just CONSUMES YOU right into it. I usually avoid playing it because once I start playing, I end up spending hours and hours building things, coming up wit new ideas, making tools, digging, crafting, mining, exploring...words cannot explain how insanely entertaining this game is.

It is also a 'hate it or love it' game. One of my friends absolutely detest Minecraft. He can't stand the poor graphics and the lack of 'real' objectives. He finds the game lame! It (Minecraft) is an original idea and should be protected.

Lyr1c2741d ago


It's a carbon-copy of Infiniminer.

So no.....It's technically NOT an original idea.

Bull5hifT2741d ago

What about God Of War, Devil May Cry, Dante's Inferno, Bayonetta, why didnt they Sue Each Other?

sobekflakmonkey2740d ago

different characters, different storylines, different worlds, different objectives, different timelines, hell even different gameplay, that why they didnt sure eachother, Fortress Craft on the other hand looks like a carbon copy of mine craft, they are pretty much the same exact game, same graphics, same world, same objectives, same gameplay...I dont know why anybody else see's it. Also inveni0 & Bull5hifT's statements up top make absolutely no sense, BF is COMPLETELY different then CoD, and Red Faction is COMPLETELY different from Minecraft, and 3D Dot Game Heroes is also COMPLETELY different from Minecraft.

fatstarr2740d ago

he made his millions hes a happy man. the game looks like trash and wont compare to mine craft. the beta video shows glitches and lags the 360 cant keep up with the graphics at all angles. when you take away the simple graphics it doesnt look fun. looses its feeling.

hope karma bites these dummys in the ass. this is no threat to anything

WarPonyDestroyer2740d ago

dumb.. fortress craft is just going to generate more mincraft sales. Money lost if they sue.

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rabidpancakeburglar2741d ago

As soon as I heard the name I assumed this would happen

Bull5hifT2741d ago

Kraft Maccaroni better Watch there A$$

Bear_Grylls2741d ago

This game is an almost exact copy of Minecraft.

I hope Mojang gets them for every cent and has the game banned on live and psn.

That's just plain piracy if I have ever seen it and projector games is guilty of it.

Godmars2902741d ago

Its not on PSN. As a XBLI title, I doubt MS would allow it. Even though this suit will force it to be removed. Sad thing is that this news will likely cause people to buy it before its taken down, which gives MS more money.

My question is what happens to the other guy who's making another Minecraft clone? Also only on XBLI.

Deeke2741d ago

I was curious of that myself.

There's a few other XBL Indie Games that use the same voxel-style graphics that are being developed and worked on right now.

DasTier2741d ago

Lol if someone misbehaves on xbox live they should also be banned from psn?

NinjaCameraman2741d ago

FortressCraft is in the same GENRE of MineCraft but this is like Activision sueing EA because Medal of Honor looks kinda like CoD.

Sadly though, the press agent for ProjectorGames posted that they're being sued on Twitter.

mrv3212741d ago

Yeah but if activision sued EA because EA's game was called

'Ring of duty and contains maps such as undergrown. You follow a group of soldiers in exciting locations such as Pripyat, end with an excitiing vehicle sequence

Then you wouldn't complain.

NinjaCameraman2741d ago

None of those things are exlusive to Call of Duty except Undergrown, and that's going beyond the similarities of FortressCraft and Minecraft.

the_best_player2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

It's a clone I would be pissed off if I were the MineCraft DEV people.

ChrisGTR12741d ago

im pretty shure they have absolutely no case. as long as they dont use their actual code or name they can ripthem off all they want.

Bear_Grylls2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

So if I made a game called Call of Army: Modern Guns and it looked and played exactly the same as the COD games that would be OK?

EDIT: @ Below

So i'm young because I mention COD? Maybe just making my comment appeal/relevant the the masses...

There has to be a point where something becomes to much like something else to say that it is copying. In this case I feel the game is just a mod of Minecraft running a few texture mods and as far as I knew MODS are free and if you want to sell your mod you need the engine devs permission to do so.

Not sure if they are running the same/copies/modded Minecraft engine but it looks far to similar to be anything else.

2nd EDIT:

I never mentioned COD riping of anybody and I don't care I don't even own a copy of a COD game past Waw anymore lol. RAGE up mate, you mad?

PirosThe4th2741d ago

Fortress-craft doesn't look exactly the same and plays the same. In fact the game has better graphics and new gameplay modes. Its basically an improved version. As if minecraft didn't take ideas from anything. Its basically a rpg/sandbox with user generated content with pixelated graphics.

Plus Medal Of Honor came out before COD ever existed and it had better campaign modes! You wish... In fact CoD was a ripoff MoH, lol. You youngster don't know shit. Go and play BO.

Bear_Grylls2741d ago

Anyone care to debate as to why they feel selling a mod that you stole the source for is OK?

Instead of just hitting disagree. Anyone buying Fortress craft is a pirate by proxy as far as I am concerned lol.

ChrisGTR12741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

so.. basically what call of duty did to medal of honor, ww2 fps. same genre , same gameplay, same setting. EA didnt sue activision. its a blatant ripoff but theres legaly nothing they can do about it.

ChronoJoe2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )


No it's not the better version lol you haven't played minecraft have you? fortress craft is like minecraft lite, it's definitely not the better version.

It does have better visuals though, but the low quality visuals of minecraft are so that you can have an absolutely HUUUUGE draw distance, on modest hardward. You can also EASILY mod the game so it looks allot better if you wish to.

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