THQ Calls Red Faction: Battlegrounds Reception A 'Disappointment'

Joystiq: "During an event today promoting SyFy's Red Faction: Origins tie-in movie, THQ's creative / biz dev director Lenny Brown shared with Joystiq his thoughts on the reception of the recent download-only release in the franchise, Red Faction: Battlegrounds. "I think it's a little bit of a disappointment," he told us bluntly, with the bulk of that letdown caused by the game's Metacritic score, currently sitting at 49 out of 100.

"I think what's most disappointing for me," Brown said, "is how sometimes the prose of the reviews don't match the final score. Someone will say something not necessarily glowing, but you think you're tracking along a 7, and then you get a 4."

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Blaze9292833d ago


xAlmostPro2832d ago

Lol well it was a disapointment.. for a start it kept freezing everytime i tried to play a game lol

CPmonkey2832d ago

Even if it didn't freeze for you the game play is disappointing.

When I heard about a mech combat game set in the red faction universe I was pretty excited.

A downloadable third person title I thought, what did we get? A crappy twin stick shooter game :(

The game should have been similar to RF Guerilla, only smaller and focussed on the vehicle combat.

DelbertGrady2832d ago

Fortunately, Red Faction: Armageddon looks amazing.

Jacobster2832d ago

I don't understand why they just did not release and arcade type game of the destruction mode with lots of maps, co-op play and new weapons.

Surely it would sell like hot cakes?

tails132832d ago

Because they want you to buy Armageddon for that.

Jacobster2831d ago

But what about people who are not really interested in the story? I think it has potential as just purely an arcade game,rather than the battlegrounds rubbish :D

RememberThe3572832d ago

Make a better game next time. Theres something about THQ that make me want to root for them but they just keep putting out sub par games.

will_c_752832d ago

I really don't even mind the sub-par. The whacky AI in SR and RF where the cops will pile on each other is hilarious. The problem is they want to be bigger than they are, instead of making fun games.

andron2832d ago

Well, the mp doesn't always function very well. And that's a major drawback since it's one of the major selling points.

It gets too cramped with 4 players on 1 screen. Not to mention the lag and unfair conditions that crop up now and then. People can drop out and in of a match, leaving them without any chance of winning if you come in late.

Also you have the issue with people playing with a guest often cooperate and make it unfair for the other players...

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