Undead Labs Studio Video

For the followers of the Zombie MMO,they haven't had any screenshots or gameplay to look at. Luckily at the end of this video, the fans get a little bit.You get a brief look at some of the designers flying through a town they are designing, and then you get a brief glimpse of what looks like a female character smashing two zombie heads together. Not graphically impressive at this point but the skull-cracking animation caught my attention.

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Hurmun2835d ago

I can't wait for the first bit of gameplay. Maybe we'll see something at E3.

Dee_Cazo2835d ago

They said that class3 (the arcade game) won't come out this year, so even if it doesnt end up at E3 I would think that would mean PAX East next april.

Might be wishful thinking just because I will be there ;)