How to write... an Adventure Game

The medium of computer games has matured impressively since the days of Space Invaders and John Carmack's opinion that "story in a computer game is like story in an adult movie, it's expected to be there but doesn't really matter" is mercifully no longer true for the majority of gamers. Even in arcade games and breakout clones we expect at least a semblance of plot nowadays and many of us long for more well thought-out characters like Gordon Freeman.

Of course, there has always been one genre which has featured story as a major attraction and has used delicate plot exposition and wonderful characters to pull in players for some utterly enthralling game experiences - The Adventure Game.

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remix4023d ago

im going to college for game design. and i've been writing a game story for about 4 months now. its coming out really good but im never quite satisfied with my work. my dad is crazy at drawing and he does concept art. this article just gave me some ideas