IGN: Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection Review

IGN: "Final Fantasy IV plays much like many traditional RPGs of the time. Gamers will control a party of up to five characters. By visiting a variety of locales, from castles and dungeons to towns and cities, you'll be able to progress through the primary story of Final Fantasy IV, while occasionally branching off to complete some random side quests and other peripheral tasks. Many locations are associated to an overarching world map that players will often travel over.

And combat in the game is triggered by random encounters. Once a random encounter has trapped your party, you'll have to fight through enemies using Final Fantasy IV's turn-based-but-not-quite system known as Active Time Battle. This system puts an impetus on actively paying attention to each fight, as opposed to a more straight forward turn-based affair ala the Dragon Quest series."

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Mystickay862740d ago

Awesome score. Haven't played FFIV since the FF:Chronicles. Can't wait to experience The After Years along with Interlude.

flyingmunky2740d ago

I bought the original snes cartridge.
I bought the ps1 compilation that had it.
I also I bought the remastered ds copy.
I just don't know if I want to pick up a 4th copy. Eh, I probably get it once it goes down to a cheap price.

godoftime2740d ago

I have it, played a bit today and it's reaaaaally good.
i never played the one on DS but i owned and beat the one on SNES back in the day.

wonder which is a better experience, this one on psp or the one on DS...

banjadude2740d ago

With the successful 1, 2 remake, and this soon releasing, I hope SE releases at least a few more remake titles for the PSP, before moving onto the NGP.

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