Reddit "Ask Me Anything" thread with Broly (disabled pro gamer who plays with his face)

From related source: "At Southern Impact in Laredo, TX, we met a talented SSF4 Chun-Li player named Mike Begum (aka "Broly" or "Legs") who has a condition called arthrogryposis. Despite his circumstances, he became one of the top Chun-Li players in Texas after playing the game for just 6 months, and is also one of the best Super Smash Bros. players in the country. In this interview with Gootecks, Brolly talks about how he plays without using his hands, why and how he uses Chun-Li, and his advice for others in similar situations."

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MultiConsoleGamer2746d ago

It sounds like a cliche but I really do respect this guy's courage.

bobrea2745d ago

It doesn't take courage to play video games. Sure, it's a very impressive feat, but it doesn't require courage.

BurninDragon082745d ago

You're telling me it doesn't take courage to be in the public's eye despite his drawbacks? You sir, are ignorant.

bobrea2745d ago

Good for him, but he's no different than any other person. I don't care to ask any random ass gamer questions, so why should I care about this guy? Good for him for not letting his disability hinder his ability to do what he likes, and do it well, but it's not like he's actually done anything worth talking about. Just like nobody would give a shit if I had an "ask me anything" thing. And people do this shit on the internet all the time anyway.

rabidpancakeburglar2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

Not done anything worth taling about? He's become a top SF player using just his face!!! I couldn't even do that if I had 7 fingers on each hand

mrv3212745d ago

I regret to inform you, my dignity and respect for the human race is no longer intact. Maybe your girlfriend stopped seeing you ( Honestly we all know IT IS your fault ) and it's fun to lash out of the internet, but instead of taking away from this thread go to 4chan and I don't know do it there, I'm much rather it to be honest.

NarooN2745d ago

Something tells me this guy obliterated you in a game before. Must feel like shit getting raped by a guy who used only his face to pwn you.

Pozzle2745d ago

Not done anything worth talking about? I'd like to see you try to play games WITH YOUR FACE.

I have trouble playing them with one hand, let alone my fucking FACE.

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