Portal 2, Socom 4, and Mortal Kombat Can Get You $60

Dualshock Nexus: "So next week Kmart is having a pretty sweet deal if you plan on buying a ton of games."

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bobrea2930d ago

I didn't even realize that K-Mart was still in business.

Jio2930d ago

But I love Kmart D:

eraursls842930d ago

They are the second largest company in the United States, they are part of Sears (a merger to place about 4 years ago)

bobrea2930d ago

Oh. There aren't any around me.

BiggCMan2930d ago

Kick ass deals, unfortunately, either way you look at it your spending over $100, and I just can't do that right now. Damn shame too, I want all 3 of these. Perhaps in a few months I will get them all at cheaper prices.

AKissFromDaddy2930d ago

Buy 2 games get 1 for free.

PS. Its boggles me how GameStop stays alive when competitors offer so much more.

frelyler2930d ago

Because the "typical mass consumer" of video games are the ones who go there. They are uninformed and complain games are too hard and long. The same people that are ruining video games and causing companies to ram multiplayer down out throats when we never asked for it in the first place. People who like a challenge and games without an auto-lock on know where else to look. It's the same reason Call of Duty gets a free pass on reviews each year and sells millions of copies. All I want is game plus in every single player giving me a reason to go back ala capcom when they actually put out good games on the ps2.

BeastlyRig2930d ago

My steam just updated & one of the updates was about ps3!

blumatt2930d ago

Can't wait to play Portal 2 with PC players. I hope more games in the future implement cross platform multiplayer gaming. Come on Valve, bring a full Steam client to the XMB so we can choose to buy our games digitally with all Steam features intact, on our PS3 if we want to. :) Please!

BeastlyRig2930d ago

I kinda hope sony could show pc players some love..