PS3 'training days' planned for UK retail

Official Sony distributor CentreSoft is to hold training days for UK retail in early September to present the features and capabilities of PlayStation 3 ahead of launch, has learned.

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God of Gaming5368d ago

Sony can do no wrong, I will buy anything they sell. Please feed me Ken.

Optimus Prime5368d ago (Edited 5368d ago )

wow, you are a geek. lol that is funny. you sony fanboys think that sony is a god or something.

Marriot VP5368d ago

he's being sarcastic, look at his picture it has a 360 controller in it.

bernie5368d ago

Every time I go to one of these boring, kiss our *** things (Sony or Microsoft, Nintendo's aren't too bad) we get the "We are the greatest, and you will worship us in exchange for a badge and t-shirt" crap!

The only good bits are when the demo consoles don't work on stage (PS2) and they don't know what to do. :)