Gods Eater Burst Review (Crush! Frag! Destroy!)

CFD!'s Rob Rich reviews Gods Eater Burst:

"There’s no way around it: Gods Eater Burst is yet another game that tries to be like Capcom’s insanely popular Monster Hunter series. You use big weapons to take on even bigger monsters in varying missions with anywhere from one to four players (or 3 AI partners) at your side. Defeated monsters and completed missions yield various rewards that can be used to craft better weapons and other items, completing certain missions will grant you access to more advanced missions and so on. Yup, more than a few similarities there.

"What helps to set Gods Eater Burst apart, aside from the obvious anime-inspired visual design, is a fast-paced combat system with shape-changing weapons and an actual plot (with actual cutscenes) that’s actually interesting. The fact that it’s insanely fun doesn’t hurt much, either."

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RobsteinOne2837d ago

I'm still shocked by just how much fun this game is.

UberFaqs2837d ago

One of the best game i've played!!