8.0 The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Review writes: "Over the last year, Falcom and XSEED Games have made RPG fans very happy with three different entries in the Ys series on the Sony PSP. However, developer Falcom is also in charge of another, lesser known RPG series to Westerners: The Legend of Heroes. After being originally released in 2006 in Japan and being passed up by numerous publishers due to its sheer story length, XSEED Games have painstakingly translated each and every line to bring the title to North American shores. The question is, was that time well worth the effort?"

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JDouglasGU2928d ago

impressive localization yet again.

mephman2928d ago

Another solid JRPG on the PSP it seems.

RangerSequoia2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )