Demo impressions El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron (VG)

Grant Gaines of writes "With El Shaddai set to release 2 weeks from now in Japan, Ignition has released a demo which covers some of the game’s 3rd chapter. This is most likely due to plot reasons or that it is more gameplay heavy. With that being said, how does the demo fair?"

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theherp802741d ago

oh def agree! the demo video shows it off quite well. really interested in this title now. Thanks

dwightmccarthy2741d ago

damn have to wait till Q3 to get this? looks cool

admiralvic2741d ago

Depends on how important story is for you. The demo and by extension the game is quite playable without reading Japanese.

Lavalamp2741d ago

According to, the Japanese retail version of the game will also include English subs.

TheLiztress2741d ago

I was glad to get the chance to play this demo. Really solidified my desire to play it. Not sure I want to wait for it though.

dgroundwater2741d ago

So jealous! I have a feeling this will be a GOTY contender in my book. This style is too amazing... If it's at least a decent hack n' slash with a good story and this style I'm so sold.

TheLiztress2738d ago

I agree. It is definitely a GOTY contender. Now to await its arrival here, lol.

Neko_Mega2741d ago

Awesome art work, but the game is weird.

no_more_heroes2741d ago

by far one of the most beautiful game I've ever seen, next to Child of Eden.