Bold, Foolhardy Predictions: 5 possible release titles for the Super Nintendo Wii (Project Cafe)

Nintendo enthusiast Greg Mengel muses over five possible big-name releases for the heavily rumored HD Super Nintendo Wii (Project Cafe) in an article for Gamer's Guide to Life.

GGTL: "After the spectacular success that came with releasing a blockbuster, household name like The Legend of Zelda alongside the Super Nintendo Wii's father console, I strongly believe that this young new piece of hardware will sport its own mega-hit title come release day. If it worked once, Nintendo is likely try it again; only this time in a way that shows off the Super Nintendo Wii's simultaneously hardcore-courting and family friendly hardware."

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PhilipLarkin2745d ago

Agree with...pretty much all of them.

kidnplay2745d ago

I'm not sure about the concept of a new Nintendo Wii. The original found its success from the (then original) concept of motion control; if that interface is precisely the same with the Super Nintendo Wii, then I don't know whether only HD and multiplayer will be enough to sell it.

I'd prefer the money invested into better-developed, more engrossing, non-shovelware titles, I think. Though perhaps my pessimism on a new Wii will be disproved eventually.

Pin-Pin-Ire2744d ago

I think it's time Nintendo left the hardware side of games. I think they have been a force in the industry for far too long.