Guild Wars 2: Charr Week Starting This Monday

ArenaNet will dedicate next week to Charr race. This information was published on the official Guild Wars 2 Facebook page few hours ago, along with an interesting piece of artwork.

The Charr are one of the most familiar non-human races and fans of the game welcomed the decision to make them a playable race. Expect much Charr lore and information next week.

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ATiElite2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

Uhhhh maybe, maybe not! Too many MMO's coming out this year.

Tera, Rift, Firefall, Black Prophecy, Star Wars The Old Republic all say Hi! I know Guild Wars 2 is full of awesome but way too many AAA MMO's coming out to give that award out just yet.

Hell so far from what I've seen Black Prophecy is gonna make me dump Eve Online, the graphics and live action game play is amazing. Rift has already shifted 1.5 million users. I thought Firefall was just OK until I saw some huge 3 story tall boss invade the community area and I was hooked. MMO's are all the rage on the PC.

BeastlyRig2741d ago

yeah but non of them besides star wars looks sooo amazing!!