Atlus Plans Continued Developments for Catherine

Andriasang: Company aims for 300,000 units of adult-oriented adventure. Major social gaming support on the way this year.

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undercovrr2838d ago

This game is really stupid IMO

Menech2838d ago

Looks like it was built around the old persona engine also.

The games hardly a looker that's for sure, I dunno it's nice from a change to the norm every now and then though.

Neckbear2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

"Looks like it was built around the old persona engine also."

Actually, it was developed with Gamebryo.

And truth be told, once in motion, the game looks pretty. Surely it's no technological amazement, but the graphics are easy on the eyes and work rather good.

maddfoxx2838d ago

I played the demo and really liked it.

"The games hardly a looker that's for sure"

How so? This game looked pretty great to me.

dgroundwater2838d ago

Sure did and sure does. I can't wait till this lands in North America.

Who are these haters we are sandwiched in between (#1 and #3)?

majiebeast2838d ago

Persona 5 not this trash.

frjoethesecond2835d ago

This is really a return to the adult orientated games of atlus' past.

An homage to their 90's Adult Visual Novel roots.