Gears Of War 3 Beta Gameplay

Rack up some kills in the Gears 3 team-based Deathmatch mode.

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JAMurida2741d ago

Looking really good. I wanna see more on the horde mode to be honest though and what they have for the story.

Multiplayer wise, after watching a view videos of the game's beta, I'm starting to feel it's Gears 2 with better graphics and what not, but maybe that will change when I play it for myself?

limewax2741d ago

Still looks a bit slow to me, I mean in the overall sense, This is an issue I personally always had with gears, Just my preference is all.

However my real concern is that Epic admitted gears 2 muiltiplayer was a travesty after gears 1, That said gears 3 muiltiplayer looks closer to gears 2 than it does the original. Little bit worrying for the multiplayer aspect of the game as Gears 2 got about 1% as much multiplayer play time as the original.

Dugstar2741d ago

I'm hoping they get this Multiplayer right as GOW 2 was quite bad I thought and it took me at least 5 mins just to find a match and then the whole Host advantage kicked in ..

I think they could get a much better stress test for the Multiplayer if they let everyone into the BETA and not because you pre- ordered a certain game edition..

Aarix2741d ago

You can also pre order gears 3 for the beta