The Future of PC Gaming? A Personal Viewpoint

Recently, Matt Ployhar of Intel, formerly of Microsoft, was featured in a prominent publication in an article about PC gaming. He was reminded of how easy it is to be taken out of context -- for right or wrong.

The article details his vision of the future of PC gaming.

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fluffydelusions2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

There are a lot of great things about PC gaming and also a lot of negatives. I think the biggest issue most people think of when they think PC gaming is cost. Though this is mostly blown way out of proportion.

Pandamobile2741d ago

There's positives and negatives with every platform.

ATiElite2741d ago

What are you some sort of communist/nazi? The PC has NO known negatives or weaknesses. Your just full of silly talk!

My PC is immune to pain, radiation, EMP blast, tornadoes, Tsunami's, Nuclear War, virus's, and hang nails. My case can withstand a direct hit from a Meteorite. Also it has enough static electricity built up in it to power itself continuously for 6 hours. After 6 hours the "Terminator Nuclear Cell" kicks in.

in the event of the Earth's total destruction my PC has been programmed to seek out intelligent life elsewhere so My Steam library can continue to be played in offline mode...while it works on recreating me from my DNA stored inside a secret compartment.

distorted_reality2741d ago

$500-$600 PC that performs better than a PS3 says snap.

majdees2741d ago

The future of PC gaming is bright. PC gamers will still be PC gamers. And with games like Battlefield 3, I think PC gaming is far from dying. And this is from a console gamer.

TABSF2741d ago

I would rather stop PC gaming tomorrow if I had to go from Desktop to Laptop.

pipipi2741d ago

i think the only problem with pc gaming is that for example in the case of ubisoft, u need a permanent internet connection and that suks absolutly.
second: the limited times you can install your game, for example mass effect only allows 3 instals.
but anyways i love PC gaming a lot, and i love consoles too a lot

dktxx22741d ago

Ya anti-piracy measures killed Starcraft II for me. I hope that that DRM option doesn't become commonplace, cause I can't buy any pc game, or any game for that matter, that I need permission everytime I want to play it. That is the only thing that can possibly kill PC gaming, dumb ass DRM. And it'll be the developers own fault too.

evrfighter2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

Ubisoft killed the always on drm. It was deemed a failure and thus the sun shined just a little brighter for pc gamers.

I've been seeing more and more ex console fanboys join the ranks of the pc elite master race.

pipipi2739d ago

yea i know, yesterday my girlfriend and i bought BULLETSTORM, and we cannot play it because it had a sort of problem with games for windows, we cant log in!!! we tried everything: it says the LIVE service may be unavailable, or there may be an issue with your home networking equipment or firewall.... mmm wtf? i am starting to hate the online registration. and games for windows. for the record my fellow pc gamer friend if you have any advice for me ill be eternaly gratfull with you

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