DLC, Pre-Order Bonuses and Micropayments: Good for Gaming?

Do DLC, pre-order bonuses and micropayments detract from or add to the videogame experience? It’s all about the extras in this week’s Friday Roundtable.

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fluffydelusions2925d ago

They are still around so obviously they must be working...

bwazy2925d ago

Good for companies, somewhat bad for consumers. When a company does the above, they increase profit, which is obviously good in every sense, however if they don't release such things they lose out on potential earnings (thus "bad"). However, the consumers both gain and lose from this. Quite often the developers will have a few DLC's and custom outfits ready before launch, but not on the disc. In this case its the customers whom lose (yet win), by forking out more money for content that is optional.

In short; as long as deliberately removed content from the game isn't labeled as DLC and is optional (and fairly priced), then yes, its a good thing.