Top 10 Sequels that Didn't Live Up to Expectations

From the feature article:

"Sequels are what gamers of all walks look forward to after finishing an original. But, while getting the same thing can be good, pending there’s been even a chunky slurry of improvements to the meaty whole of the gameplay sometimes we end up getting nothing more than a rotting carcass of disappointment. It may not necessarily be the sequels fault, occasionally the shoes are just too big for the next game to live up to the expectations of the fans – while it rarely is just a case that the game is another in a string of titles from a milked franchise waiting to die. It could be a whole slew of reasons. Nevertheless, the ten who made our list are without a doubt offenders who definitely couldn’t stand in the shadow of their predecessors without being found wanting."

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UltimaEnder2795d ago

Toss King Kong 2 in there, oh wait....

God of War, Elder Scrolls, and Killzone are all great sequels, should take a page out of their book!

Warprincess1162795d ago ShowReplies(5)
darthv722795d ago

The first one sets up the plot but it was the second that gave us the cliffhanger. That is a guarantee for a third and final (?) in a series.

I think what made many people upset was how the second ended. That seems obvious but people forget that every good space opera has to have a mid point that creates the cliffhanger type of feel.

Halo 2 did many things right (aside from the multiplayer) but i guess many cant see passed how it played out to know that was intentional. Honestly, there doesnt have to be a definitive ending to each game in a series. There has to be something left to carry from one to the other.

callahan092795d ago

Call of Duty 3 is absolutely, literally, and this is not a joke, my favorite in the franchise.

E3exponews2795d ago

Good examples. Now what are the best sequels ever?

LaurenKB1232795d ago

I'll take Halo 2 for 30 points...

CoogansMuff2795d ago

Uncharted 2 didn't live up to my expectations.

It exceeded them, by far.

Capdastaro2795d ago

I personally thought COD3 was badass...

But I'm easily pleased at times.

Etseix2795d ago

COD3 is the best COD for me <- FOR ME cough*

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The story is too old to be commented.