FortressCraft Mines The Most Successful Xbox Live Indie Game Launch Ever

ProjectorGames is going to need a fortress to stash all that sweet cash it’s making off its hit indie game, FortressCraft. According to its official Twitter feed, FortressCraft sold 30,000 copies this weekend on 40,000 downloads, which means it had an insanely high 75% conversation ratio. To put things into perspective, it took around 5 months for Breath of Death VII to sell 30,000 copies. While there is no actual way to validate the claim, it’s currently the third top-downloaded item on all of Xbox Live, so it appears pretty likely. I’m going to be busy working on my XBLIG version of World of Warcraft, but we’ll still have a full review shortly.

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im-12-years-old2740d ago

Maybe because even the poorest of people could afford it. Not to mention it's feeding off minecrafts success.

macky3012740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

Holly shit,.. I cannot believe this is not illegal,..

I mean plagiarism is a form of flattery,.. but this looks like copy-pasting the whole fucking game and the concepts,..even the name is way to similar for this product,..At least make some effort to hide it somewhat for fuck's sake,.. Just wow,.. Someone is going to get sued,..

Bear_Grylls2740d ago

I hope they lose everything and MS has to give the money they made to Majhong.

tdrules2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

Just sad that people feel like they can leech off indie developers because its on another platform.
Yeah I realise Notch was inspired by Infiniminers, but this is a whole other level.

I don't think Notch should be worried though, Minecraft has a bigger community than this with better mods and ideas than this piece of shit.

What kind of PR team makes up that they were being sued by Notch for hits, scum of the earth

radphil2739d ago

Yea it was in an article a little while back and on the official minecraft forums.

Alos882740d ago

Plagiarizing indie titles is a new low.

Capdastaro2740d ago

You guys are a bunch of vaginas, crying over everything all the time.