Gorgeous Dark Souls Screenshots Emerges

Following to the concept art that Namco Bandai released a couple of days ago, new set of in-game screenshots emerges for Dark Souls that will surely excite you even more.

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easto1a2746d ago

DS was gd this will be great

fluffydelusions2746d ago

What's the release date on this?

fluffydelusions2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

Figures. So much wallet rapeage this fall

RememberThe3572746d ago

It looks interesting, but I have yet to see anything that would get me excited. It's not like Namco has been delivering amazing games recently.

DragonKnight2746d ago

I guess you haven't played Demon's Souls or else you would already be excited. Namco is publishing, From Software is developing.

DangerTick2746d ago

I've finished Demon's Souls but I'm not excited for Dark Souls at all. I'd be excited for Demon's Souls 2 but I don't care about some casual spinoff with spawning checkpoints & regenerating health. Doesn't matter if it's by the same people or not (example: I liked Vanquish but hated Bayonetta; I liked Vanquish but hated RE4 and I'm not interested at all in Shadows of the Damned).

BlackTar1872746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

well they said despite all that the game will be harder.

I mean im gonna tell the truth after like 1.5hrs of demon soul it got super easier. and then didn't really get tuff again until the world 5 where you get poisoned.

So the game was tuff but it wasn't super tuff for me after a 2 hrs at most.

But i don't have a platinum because i didn't get the friend ring :(

DragonKnight2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

@DangerTick: Clearly you haven't paid any attention to the development of the game or you wouldn't be calling it casual. The use of spawning checkpoints is due to the fact that, unlike Demon's Souls, Dark Souls is open world. There is no hub like the Nexus so there needs to be something like spawning checkpoints because there really is no "beginning" area like in Demon's Souls.

Second, the director wants the game to be more difficult than Demon's Souls, so I wouldn't be calling that "casual" at all. But whatever, if you aren't excited for it then you're not excited for it. Your reasoning however is specious.

@BlackTar187: Agreed, the game is really only difficult your first time. Once you get the hang of it, it's a cake walk. It's really about memorization. As for the friend ring, just get your Character Tendency to Pure White and talk to the Monumental. It's as easy as beating on some invaders. 4 or 5 should do.

EDIT @below: Lol, it happens. Dark Souls is supposed to be a spiritual successor to Demon's Souls. It's unofficially Demon's Souls 2. But wow, you need to play Demon's Souls. You really don't know what you're missing.

RememberThe3572746d ago

OOHHHHHHH! OK that went right over my head. lol I thought it was a completely different game.

I haven't played Deamon's Souls but I get why you guys are excited now.

BlackTar1872746d ago

Yea Dragon my only problem is don;t you have to talk to the monument in the begining then beat the game with pure white and he gives it to you?

I beat it 3x and accidentally clicked no on him on the 3rd play through :( so i would have to replay the whole game again i believe since you can only get mission at beginning of game and only get ring at the end :(

i missed it myself and actually just played it over my works holiday break in December. And i will say its my favorite Ps3 game besides MGS4

DragonKnight2746d ago

@BlackTar: To get the Friend Ring only 2 requirements are necessary. First, say yes to the Monumental. Second, get Pure White Character Tendency at any point during the game and talk to the Monumental. You don't need to wait until the end of the game to get it. Say you finish the Phalanx boss and move on to another world. If you get invaded 4 or 5 times your character tendency will be pure white, at that point if you were to go back and speak with the Monumental, it would give you the Friend Ring. Game progress is irrelevant.

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DragonKnight2746d ago

That is one large Armored Boar. Damn I can't wait for this game. I should pull a Cartman and freeze myself until it's released.

Tex1172746d ago

Sweet goodness.

Easily my most anticipated game of the year...easy.

BlackTar1872746d ago

by far mine well this and twisted metal that is.

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