IGN: Dungeon Hunter: Alliance Review

IGN writes: "Gameloft is at it again. The company has succeeded on a strategy of similarity throughout the past several years, creating cloned versions of other studios' biggest hits and serving them up mostly on mobile platforms. Dungeon Hunter: Alliance is another of these projects, a game that feels like a riff on more original dungeon crawlers like Diablo -- and it, too, originally debuted in the mobile space".

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DarK-SilV2796d ago

This game is at least an 8.5 game ,go see PSN network rating "4.8/5", one of the highest rated games

Wolfie2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

i agree, just started my third playtrough, this game is so addictive, i enjoyed it more than Dragon's Age II, 9/10

JohnnyMann4202796d ago

For 12 bucks? I give it at least an 8. IGN is bad at reviews.

DarK-SilV2796d ago

This game is addictive and fun

sometimes I just don't understand IGN ,double standard at its fainest

InfectedDK2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Well.. I think it's better than a 6/10.. I guess that's all that matters :D / I paid for it and I'm happy with the game.

VoggNogg2796d ago

I agree with previous comments... this game is very fun..

Firebird3602794d ago

I could understand their rating if this was a $60 game but it's not, it's $12 you cant go wrong with it. I think price should be a factor when games are reviewed. I would give it an 8/10