Killzone 3 Steel Rain DLC Gameplay Videos: 16 minutes of Multiplayer Action

Eric of walks us through the two newest Killzone 3 maps in these two gameplay videos. Coming in at a total of 16 minutes, the videos are right from live multiplayer sessions to give you an idea of how each map plays. Here is Stahl Arms, click through to check out Junkyard.

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dwightmccarthy2926d ago

looks like junkyard has more spawn camping seems to spawn you right by each other every time

TheLiztress2926d ago

Looks fun. The more I watch gameplay videos of this game, the more I wish I was good at shooting.

king052926d ago

Got both retro and steel rain for free, and Gears beta next week, great time to be a gamer.

ScentlessApprentice72926d ago

Don't worry. It really is a great time to be a gamer. What the disagreers are trying to convey is that it is just a bad time to be an Xbox 360 owner.

Jdub895O2926d ago

seriously whats up with these people disagreeing to even facts.Get a life people