Zipper Interactive talks about the technology used in SOCOM 4

XMNR: SOCOM 4 launches in just a few days and Zipper Interactive has released a new video where they talk about the technology used in the PS3 exclusive.

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ArchangelMike2741d ago

Cannot wait. Shame europe are not getting the Socom Pro. Still day 1 for me!!

undercovrr2741d ago

SOCOM is more about gameplay, not technology since SOCOM games have never really been technically impressive.

Trroy2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

That's not really true. Zipper has some of the best network and open world, mass #s of stuff goin' on (like characters, gunfire, etc.), and ragdolls tech. Look at MAG and SOCOM 4, and just ignore the graphics while comparing them to other titles (although frankly I think SOCOM 4's graphics are pretty decent, too).

People only tend to notice graphics, but Zipper has some of Sony's best tech, IMO. They really just need to work on their storytelling and campaign map design.