Battlefield 3 Pushing Facebook Even Harder with New Trailer

"In a new video released for BF3, EA gives us a taste before the 12-minute video they've been pushing to get Facebook approval for... but what's the deal here? Apparently the company has over-estimated the reaction its fans would produce on the huge social network."

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Eternus2931d ago

"Prodded in the rear" [email protected] wanting to say what you really mean, and that is "fucked in the ass" xD

And yeah, I wish they would just release it.

dry_ice2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Yeah... this popularity contest is unnecessary.

Most who would buy the game already knew about it, and doing this kind of just insults us.

DanSolo2931d ago

In fairness it is unnecessary for us people who will already buy the game..... but if they want to get OTHER people to buy the game then they need to do shit to get into the spotlight to make people who wouldn't normally buy it to take notice!

Remember they are not just making a game happy in the knowledge that their loyal fanbase will buy it anyway. They are trying to get new people in to buy it!

I personally do not like hype and bullshit, but I can see sometimes how companies need to indulge in these "get it out there" tactics, particularly when they are going head to head with a game like COD!

RememberThe3572931d ago

DanSolo said it better than I could ever hope to. This is for the people who are on the fence or who don't know about it yet. For the rest of us it's just about curiosity. I'd buy BF3 if I didn't see another trailer ever, but it would be cool to see some new stuff form it.

jetlian2931d ago

does joining a facebook page with nothing on it make people wanna play a game?

If someone truly on the fence I doubt playing some good facebook share will make care.

This whole twitter,facebook crap is killing games for me. If I want to play gears beta I gotta join epics pages wtf


I just click on Like in Facebook.

Dojan1232931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

I just read that for every Facebook like is worth $1 in advertising. Every like will average 30 people seeing it.

reznik_zerosum2931d ago

Facebook is for stupid people who only have profile because they want to fuck something.get a life.

Killzone3___2931d ago

i don't have a facebook account but facebook is a good thing but it it have bad things...