PlayStation to Enter World War III with Hackers

"Over the past few months, the fight between PlayStation and Sony has grown immensely and has led to many concerns for owners of Sony's gaming platform, the PlayStation 3. Sony came out earlier this week and claimed everything was settled with the infamous Geohot, but there are now questions being raised as Geohot claims Sony is masking the true story."

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Nick2120042837d ago

While Geohot may claim he was not intending to open up the PS3 to pirating, he understands that what he is doing is able to lead to this issue.

Warprincess1162837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

OMG this guy is hot and he makes a point. I agree with everything he says. Sony is just protecting their product and their consumers.

InfectedDK2837d ago

I could've told myself about anything that dude is saying..

tmanmushroom2837d ago

I feel that even though the ps3 has been hacked, the hacking community is for it is very small. I mean, who wants to download or burn large blu-ray games and spend the time and effort to keep up with Sony's security updates? Just buy the games, and play what you pay for.

FailOverHero2837d ago

You wish it were small. Go see how many visitors ps3 hax gets in a week and then times that by all the other ps3 hacking sites

dead_eye2837d ago

And then take away all the people who go to more than one site.

testerg352837d ago

the majority of games are dvd dl size or so.

Portal 5gb
MK 9gb
Shift 2 6gb

testerg352837d ago

wow.. all I did was report the game sizes and I get a disagree. (:

StbI9902837d ago

What matters to sony are exclusives I guess.

Nice to be back.

Dart892837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Video not working:(?

Edit:Got it to work thnx nick.

First of all great video nick.

Frankly i'm tired of hearing about this freaking moron.I have no problem with people hacking thier ps3 but once they go online and it starts f***ing when i'm trying to enjoy some time with my friends then that's when i have a problem look at the disaster that happened mw1 and mw2 they were hacked to shizznit.And if this thing get's out of hand pretty soon were gonna have to be buying games at $100 f*** they're expensive as it is already i don't feel like having to fork over more money to enjoy my entertainment.

By no mean's am i rich i make regular salary if i can afford to pay $60 for a game why can't these people just do it or if you can't afford just wait for a price drop?? And i'm afraid it's only gonna get uglier from here on before it get's better and i'm glad some companies are fighting back to stop this crap it actually hurt's both the customer and the company.

Nick2120042837d ago

How's it going Dart89? Try refreshing the page and clicking Play again. It seems to be working for I and everyone else.

Nick2120042837d ago

No problem man. Be sure to let me know what you think about the topic.

If you have some advice or ideas for my videos as well, I have open ears :)

killajd2837d ago

This Geo guy messes up and he will digging his own grave!

rabidpancakeburglar2837d ago

World War 3? to me that sounds a little dramatic

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The story is too old to be commented.