5 SEGA Games Perfect for Kinect

SEGAbits: "The Weekly Five is back! And this time it’s personal. Okay, it’s not personal, but it may just be a tad controversial. KINECT! Did reading that make your blood boil? Did it make you think of things like “laggy”, “casual” and “the death of video games”? Well if it did, you need to wise up. The Kinect has been around for almost 6 months now, it sold more than 10 million sensors and the video game industry is far from dead. Kinect may not have reinvented the industry, but it hasn’t hurt it in the slightest."

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Raven_Nomad2796d ago

I loved and owned all those games! Except Shenmue 3, which does not exist, but I could totally see being a dock worker with Kinect.

Lift the crate! Ahh cough, cough, hack, ahh huh

Menech2796d ago

Naw Shenmue should remain on a controller, the quick time events work better with buttons.

Not to mention navigating the city with Kinect would be horrible.

Space Channel 5 on the other hand that's a Kinect winner.

Samba de Amigo would be pretty rockin also.

Raven_Nomad2796d ago

The game could be played with a controller with Kinect used for some of the tasks. it would be super easy.

gamerben2796d ago

To be honest the only games I imagine even being playable with the kinect on this list are samba de amigo and space channel 5.

KMxRetro2796d ago

Yeah, 10 million units sold, not to mention the amount of new Xbox 360 owners its created for the industry.

Obviously, Kinect has done nothing at all.

Let me guess, you're a guy who's mommy won't buy him one and who then just sits there whining about how shit it is, right?

VampiricDragon_2795d ago

actually I own one and havent even taken it out of the wrapping because theres nothing to do with it

donscrillinger2796d ago

omfg there right those games wud be phenomenal on Kinect

KMxRetro2792d ago

@VampiricDragon_ "actually I own one and havent even taken it out of the wrapping because theres nothing to do with it" - Well, you're an idiot, then. Sorry, but you just are. Kinect Sports = Fantastic. Dance Central = Superb. Kinect Adventures (that you already own) is even worth a tilt.

You're basically slating a system that you haven't used. Well done.