Experience 360 Degree Battlefield of Sound (Logitech G930 Gaming Headset Review)(Examiner)

PaulWrites;"The Logitech G930 gaming headset has a variety of top notch features that are all folded into one amazing package. At first glance you can see the quality of materials as well as workmanship that has been put together to create this uncontested, top of the line headset. There is a lot of competition when it comes to gaming headsets, so when you're looking it can be tough to find which one is the best value and has the most usable features. With this particular unit those questions have been taken out of the equation."

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_Q_2931d ago

People who obviously(read the review) dont know about sound shouldn't review speakers.

Iceman X2931d ago

Man... i feel sorry for these suckers that fall for all of these surround headphones Gimmick.

Hitman07692931d ago

I have played in a band for 15 years I own a whole lot of sound equipment commercial and consumer. What experience do you have? _Q_ I bet your Prolly still rocking your moms realistics from radio shack :P

vgcgames2931d ago

I really need some of these