Wii 2 Can Help Nintendo Recapture Dominant Hardware Share, says Pachter

Wii 2 (or whatever Nintendo decides to call it) is starting to look more and more like a real thing, based on yesterday's report. Nintendo has long insisted that graphical fidelity doesn't matter as much, but now more and more people own HDTVs and a number of consumers could feel compelled to upgrade to a new Wii if the system is substantially more powerful, remarked Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter.

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fluffydelusions2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

I don't see Nintendo ditching the casual market and going hardcore given how much money they made from the Wii. Mario HD, Starfox HD, Zelda HD I can see it now and by no means is there anything wrong with that. That is Nintendo's market and they make tons of money. Just my opinion anyway.

Shok2768d ago

You're half-way right - they won't abandon the casual market.

BUT, they can still go after the hardcore market, while still appealing to the casuals. I think that this is what they'll be trying to do. They already have the casual market, so what else can they do? Go after the hardcore PS3/360 owners.

Solidus187-SCMilk2768d ago

Making it more powerful then 360/PS3 and having it come with both types of controllers will ensure that 3rd parties make alot of games for it.

I wonder how powerful it would be tho. Im sure the next PS and Xbox will probably beat it by a bit if they dont come out for a while after it.

Who knows what Nintendo will do tho.

darthv722768d ago

I mean it has sold nearly the combined efforts of ps3/360 so that is pretty dominant.

As for a wii 2...what would be the angle to get people who bought it for the occasional game to buy the new one? Grandparents and aunts/uncles and those who play the simple games for fun arent into all the hype and technical specs.

ChickeyCantor2768d ago

"I don't see Nintendo ditching the casual market and going hardcore given how much money they made from the Wii"

They don't see the difference.
They will just do what they always do and let third parties make all those "hardcore" games.

donniebaseball2768d ago

I'm not sure how many Wii owners will want to run out and buy a new Nintendo console. I guess it depends on the price, but I'd bet that a good number of them who wanted a more powerful console already got a 360 or PS3.

Eu2768d ago

The casual players (if we can call them that) will be hard pressed to buy a new console from NIntendo. It will really matters what it will be able to do....if it is another Wii Fit and such BS again, they dont really need to buy it.

And the most important thing for Nintendo...the price....they will try to keep it as low as possible, so dont have high hopes for uber advanced tech, just enough to surpass the currently other consoles thi gen...just to be completely blown out of water when the other 2 come out.

Solidus187-SCMilk2768d ago

but I might buy this if it is better than 360/PS3 by a good bit and if it comes with a GOOD regular controller in addition to whatever motion stuff it has. There are some GC and Wii games I would play on it like Muramasa and RE1 remake.

hazardman2768d ago

I got a PS3, Xbox 360 and my kids got the Wii, but I'm definitely buying this day 1 for myself!!

Caleb_1412768d ago

I feel dirty just clicking on this.

N4Gsukballs2768d ago

This guy is on the same level as jack thompson in my opinion. that being the @sshole level.

UnNaTuRaL12768d ago

Pachter is doing nothing more than guessing. I wish i could get paid to guess on how things will unfold in the gaming industry. He is wrong alot more than he is rite which is pathetic.

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The story is too old to be commented.