LittleBigPlanet 2 Tron and Killzone 3 DLC First Screens

Along with the announcement that LBP hit 4 million levels, Sony released first screens of the Tron and Killzone 3 Downloadable Costumes set to release on April 26 and in May. Check them out.

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captain-obvious2929d ago

i dont know why
but everything that you put in LBP turns into a CUTE thing


Pixel_Pusher2929d ago

I want Daft Punk costumes! Didn't think it was possible but they actually made KZ3 look cute/adorable.

TheLiztress2929d ago

Neither can I. I really like that Tron costume.

dwightmccarthy2929d ago

can't wait for the kz3 costume

artsaber2929d ago

A game that is Every Game.

Lirky2929d ago

i wish there were objects and materials too.

theherp802929d ago

yeah stickers seem kind of lame. it would be tight to have a Tron elements to use to create tron themed levels.

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