IGN's Reilly offers more Wii 2 rumors - controller details, streaming content, E3 note

IGN's Jim Reilly has posted notices on his Twitter account which contain more Wii 2 rumors about the console's controller and presence at E3.

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browngamer42745d ago ShowReplies(1)
Tripl3seis2745d ago

damnnn he really did said that wow internet warriors these days but on the topic i hope the controller is well designed cus i hate the wii mote jesus sometimes is kind of painful to play with it well thats imo ofcurse.

clarkdef2745d ago

I dont see the point in this new console just like I didn't see the point in the first wii. It would be silly for me to buy this, because it really ain't no different from the PS3 or Xbox, and I have more than enough to do on these consoles.

wii 2 isn't doing the gaming world any new favors and going on about how Nintendo are making this and that much money is like working for a big company that is hitting 4mil a month target, but the company is only paying you minimum wage, and you cheer for that company like some worker sheep drones.

I am not saying there's nothing to do on the current wii, but I am saying there's more to do on the current xbox/ps3

ME19892745d ago

What's different are the games........

clarkdef2745d ago

Yeah exactly right, however I can't stand Mario and I played all those Nin names to death when I had a NES and SNES.

PS3/Xbox still has more to do (in gaming). But Nin may prove me wrong, but I doubt it because they ain't out to prove anything. Flatline............

milohighclub2745d ago

Pokemon mmo? Which you can then stream to your controller. Pokemon 3rd person, every gym every island, every league, every pokemon. With smash bros style battles...

Nugan2745d ago

If it does have dual analog sticks, I hope shoots will still support Wii Remote + Nunchuck style aiming. Ideally, they'd offer both traditional (dual analog) and light gun style aiming. With PS3 shooters now integrating Move support, it'd be a step backwards for Nintendo to do anything else.

Presumably the system will still support Wii style controls, if the backwards compatibility rumors are true.

Solidus187-SCMilk2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

I prefer regular controls and there are some Wii games I could play on it already and GC. I want to play Resident Evil remake on it.

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The story is too old to be commented.