White Knight Chronicles 2 Trophies List

Here's the trophies list for White Knight Chronicles 2, coming exclusively for Playstation 3 this may.

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rebirthofcaos2839d ago

believe it or not, I will cancel mortal kombat for WKC 2, since it will take more time for the platimun, and then Mortal will be cheaper.

WildArmed2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

*high fives*
That's the spirit.
This is the only game I'm buying this first half of the year.
It's going to last me until Sept / Nov

If I have as much as fun as i did for the first game platting it, I'm going to be in for quite a treat!

First one took me 522 hours to plat.
(still played the game to about 800 hours total lol)

Looking forward to the Second.
Hopefully it'll hit sooner than later.
(Hopefully early in the summer break, rather than later)

fluffydelusions2839d ago

When in May does it release? There is also Brink and LA Noire in May...

Lovable2839d ago

It will be release in NA right? Gotta put my preorder just incase....

sasuke992839d ago

Poor westerns getting this game so late

guitarded772839d ago

I still gotta beat WKC1... fun game, I just have a huge backlog.

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