Introducing SOCOM Pro: Special Game Types, New Weapons Included

SOCOM Pro shows its benefits immediately on launch day, April 19, as any player who purchases a new copy of SOCOM 4 receives exclusive access to all “Pro” Custom Game queues. Not only will these queues be ranked, but they’ll also be updated regularly over the entire lifespan of SOCOM 4 – so it’ll be the gift that keeps on giving for quite some time. Moreover, the first set of “Pro” Custom Game types will be the same fantastic rule sets that our diligent fans tested during our SOCOM 4 beta period. If you missed them in the beta, here’s what they are now:

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ilikestuff2743d ago

socom pro eh? not too shabby, i want alot of maps (old ones, classic ones) and some more game modes and add in strippers, y strippers you ask? y not strippers i answer

hiredhelp2743d ago

But i want strippers.???

just_looken2743d ago

dont worry sr3/gta v are almost here.