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Prcko2796d ago

this looks lovely!
i hope silent hill will stay uber horror game!!!

pipipi2796d ago

yessssssssssss yesss i cant wait for this game cant wait. seriously, it looks awesome, and it looks like a real silent hill game, i mean it feels so far like a true silent hill.
not like homecoming it was an epic fail. it was a SH movie wannabe. and the camera was aweful.
so thouse guys from vatra, i thing they have love and passion for the series, not like double helix, the were a....mmm how can i say... they didnt get the sh feeling. and they promised stuff that they didnt make.
so i hope capcom learn something about conami if you know wat i mean

pipipi2796d ago

but not like a copy paste

Acquiescence2796d ago

but info on this game is scarce right now so I'll take what I can get.

Gorgeous looking game, which is ironic considering all the gruesome and horrifying sights that inevitably lay in wait. That atmosphere is palpable already.

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