Crysis 2 Multiplayer is Dead in the Water Review []

Mixed Emotions and mixed feelings is ALL Crysis 2 has to offer. One moment you're absolutely loving it and then you're saying out loud that you will never play again. Amatuers man. Poor matchmaking, terrible party system and unexplainable glitches.

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fluffydelusions2929d ago

Yeah Crysis 2 MP is rather horrible on PC. Crytek really screwed it up from the start and a lot of people have given up on it. Current players on Crysis 2/Steam - 1,335

Pandamobile2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Crytek really aren't much of a multiplayer company, though I am still thoroughly enjoying the C2 multiplayer.

Kicking cars at people is frickin' awesome.

Digitaldude2928d ago

Theres no doubt, the game's MP is fun as shit and actualyl well done. Apart from the terrible execution, god damn awful servers with bad lag, random glitches and the party system.

Pandamobile2928d ago

Well, luckily the PC version has dedicated servers, so you can just pop in and pop out of games at will.

teething2928d ago

This is a Crysis 2 on PC problem.

Multiplayer is solid on the 360. Better than COD for me. This is why consoles are the future.

Blame the idiots who support people like Geohot and Anonymous.

Jdub895O2928d ago

this reminds me of,Bioshock1&2,farcry2,fea r1&2,singularity,and basicially any other great storyline fps shooter. lol

Caleb_1412928d ago

Meh. Crytek really did sell out PC gamers though with Crysis 2. PC gaming was where they started and they spat in their faces with C2 with pretty much everything consolified (if that's a word). Low amount of players on MP, no prone, no advanced graphics settings, no editor, streamlined levels, barely and destructability as was initially shown in the tech demo's... I could go on.

DaTruth2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

One might say PC gamers spat in Crytek's face first with all the piracy!

Agree with Crysis 2 being a shadow of what it was in tech demos! It might seem like a lot of work, but they should have made two separate games, with one taking advantage of the PC tech; they could use a lot of the assets, story and videos from the original C2 game, but make the PC version openworld with more destruction.

I would have even preferred a console version with lesser graphics, but more destruction and openworld!

Solid_Snake-2928d ago

on a site im with i saw over 2,000 people pirate crysis 2 on the xbox and around 500 on the ps3.

thats just one site.

i think you will find consoles have a higher piracy rate due to having online gameplay even with a pirate.

dont spout crappy lies please m8.

DaTruth2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

How does that have anything to do with PC gamers pirating C1? How does console owners pirating C2 somehow erase the fact that PC gamers pirated C1 or make saying that "crappy lies"?

Did PC gamers not pirate Crysis 1? So how is me saying PC gamers pirated Crysis 1 a "crappy lie"? Guess Cevat Yerli was spouting "crappy lies" too when he said there was a lot of piracy of Crysis 1, but does the lead developer know?

Please make sure your response makes some kind of sense before responding or people will think you are just a ridiculous fanboy lashing out!

floetry1012928d ago

This is a thoroughly misguided article. A number of directors at machinima respawn have sought after Crysis 2 for its multiplayer depth. To say it's a COD clone suggests the article writer either isn't good enough, or hasn't properly learnt the nuances of the game.

It takes time to move on from your regular go-to online game, but Crysis 2 is WELL worth the time to master.

BYE2928d ago

It's always the same, isn't it. Is there any multiplayer shooter that lasted more than 3-4 months?

cakeisalie2928d ago

Check out CSS, TF2, L4D2 all of them have lasted way beyond few months.

Yes things are different on console though where everyone rushes to the next rehashed game. The only game that is repeatedly played is COD or Halo.

DasTier2928d ago

On 360 people keep going back to either Cod, Halo or BC2, and its because generally they have a well made multi player.

Killzone3___2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

yea , cod 4 , it's the best shooting game ever made ,it lasted more then 3 years , people still play it... there is alots of other games...

Silver_Faux2928d ago

people still play cod 2 on pc aswell

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