Gears of War 3 Beta Download Size Revealed

Gears of War fans will be in for a treat this weekend when the Gears of War 3 beta will be live for early testers. Allowing fans a month of time with the multiplayer aspect of the game, the beta will prove to be valuable took to gauge the multiplayer aspect of the title and get an idea of what to expect from the full release.

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LoaMcLoa2744d ago

"Those that gain access to the beta via code will need to download an 88MB file followed by a 507MB file to gain access. "

So, wait.. Why does it say that we need 2 gig free in the menu then?

Ve3tro2744d ago

Probably extra updates and such.

darthv722744d ago

like how when you unzip a file that shows 36mb it is really 160mb (just as an example).

We could be downloading the compressed files and then when uncompressed it amounts to more and possibly extra space for caching.