Killzone 3 Sold “Well” In The U.S. Last Month

Although we didn’t see Killzone 3 in the NPD’s top 10 selling games for the month of March, the group has said that Guerrilla Games latest effort did sell well, and would have made the top ten had it been ranked on a SKU unit sales ranking basis.

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blusoops2926d ago

Good to hear!
Although I didn't care for the ending, the game as a whole was a great experience, especially with Move. I don't care if it doesn't sell 8m+ like COD, as long as guerilla can learn from their mistakes and are granted another opportunity to improve.

Joni-Ice2926d ago

Yeah I just got the Platinum Trophy last night. I used the Move to beat the game on Elite. The Move is really awesome in KZ3.

just_looken2926d ago

true the sharpshooter is great with kz3 but kz3 was average. kz2>kz3

Lindsey2926d ago

@ blusoops - I agree with you, the end sucked so bad. Other than that I love the game.

undercovrr2925d ago

The whole single player sucked bad.

Eyeco2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )


according to this the Multiplayer doesn't seem to be all that hot, funny seeing as how the fanboys bragged it to be the best online

NewMonday2925d ago

Segregating regions is the reason games are hard to fill sometimes, witching regions is a solution, I live in the ME but players here just want COD, I switched to Europe and solved the problem.

awesomeperson2925d ago


The official Killzone forums and filled with the whiniest people I've ever seen on a forum group - they complain about nearly everything *facepalm*.

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Baccra2926d ago

The game didn't do "well." I actually read the article, and it barely told you anything other than make a bunch of excuses for how K3 sold. The only thing this article showed was that the game didn't sell as expected even though they sold out like there's no tomorrow. Great news, but not unexpected.
Glad their selling out didn't work for them "well."

BK-2012926d ago

Its around 1.5m worldwide at the moment and getting closer to surpassing KZ2.

ksoto2925d ago

Yeah i just beat it today bcus i was playing the mp so much i put the sp in the back burner. I have a 3d tv so the experience was awesome. I even enjoyed the air combat at the end but dont knw why they ended it on such a note. The game was really good.

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movements2926d ago

True. I think the mp is the best anywhere, though. Best experience I've ever had playing a shooter online. No lie.

Insanelyman2925d ago

"I think the mp is the best anywhere, though."

I don't think so man. Its good but BFBC2 is better and battlefield 3 will own it. IMO though.

Prcko2926d ago

This is ultimate FPS experience!!!
10 times better than cod crap

theonlylolking2926d ago

I wouldnt say ultimate FPS experience but it is 10x better than most of the COD games.

undercovrr2925d ago

Better than COD, definitely NOT the ultimate FPS experience (sp sucks donkey buttocks).

movements2926d ago

Wouldn't call COD crap, but after I played KZ3 and tried going back to Black Ops, the latter felt like rubbish. No lie.

fluffydelusions2926d ago

Black Ops always felt horrible to me. MW2 was at least enjoyable and worked on PS3.

RedBullGT2926d ago

I am glad it is doing good. I love the mp. It is an all around good game.

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