What We Want From the Wii 2

"Wii 2 hype has begun. Before we all get swept up in the hysteria of Nintendo’s next greatest gaming innovation, we at theGamerBuzz wanted to outline what features we hope will appear in Nintendo’s next console." -theGamerBuzz

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fluffydelusions2795d ago

I doubt Nintendo will change its formula for success...

ChickeyCantor2795d ago

Their success was to bring in new people.
Now their next success is to do the same.
What the hardware will be is kinda unrelated.

We are 5 years orso further, price of hardware has dropped massively.

Oldman1002795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

Native 1080p60 for every game, a good controller, and a decent free online service. I'll be there day 1.