Another empty shell?

From "WE HAD a chance to get within five inches of what Sony claims to be the final production prototype of the Playstation 3 console. We could even touch the wireless remote but the machine didn't work as Sony didn't want to plug it in."

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TheMART5378d ago

I have just one thing to say:

Sony gives me a smile every day

Bishop5378d ago

My 360 makes me want to cry

TheMART5377d ago

No you are a bit confused. That was the emotion engine of the PS2 when the sh!tty drive broke down in my house

Captain Tuttle5378d ago

Why am I not surprised by this article?

rj815378d ago

Wow... more attempted deception by Sony. And what's with the gloves? He's holding it like it's a first edition Illiad or something. Oh... I forgot... it's a supercomputer that cures cancer!!!!!!

Boink5378d ago

how could you start playing something that is not being produced yet...D'UH!

USMChardcharger5378d ago

guys, while i do not doubt this and i am a 360 owner also...let's not forget that this report came from the Inquirer.

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The story is too old to be commented.