The Hero’s Journey And Final Fantasy: Chapter II

GameBlurb writes, "Chapter two of five: The Hero’s Journey and Final Fantasy takes a look at two of the most famous video games in the world not from a technical or artistic perspective but, instead, through the meat of their experiences: the story. Learn how Cloud Strife and the Warriors of Light are related to King Gilgamesh and the Arthurian Knights of the Round Table in this editorial series."

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gameseveryday2743d ago

The series made sense till the PS2 era, in the current gen Square have killed it.

evildeli2743d ago

I miss the good old days when just saying Square meant quality

MicrocutsX22743d ago

Damn didn't know so many games were influenced by litrary works.

junk3d2743d ago

Very in-depth read, this guy did his research. I never knew how much Final Fantasy was patterned after the classics.

darkecho2743d ago

Agreed. It's too bad they've strayed from the path :(