Decidedly mixed reaction to Valve’s Portal 2 ARG reveal

The Steam forums have been bombarded with comments following today's big Portal 2 ARG reveal.

The reception has certainly been a bit of a mixed bag: some praising Valve's promotion of indie titles, others despising the annoucement and writing it off as a mere, money-grabbing marketing ploy.

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Simonkey752932d ago

I cannot believe people are actually moaning about this - Valve aren't holding Portal 2 back unless you play these indie games, instead they're giving their community the chance to get it early by, whoah, discovering and playing some fantastic games.

What other developer would use their blockbuster game to help promote a whole bunch of independent games to a new audience?

Ducky2932d ago

The SPUF has its fair share of trolls and douchebags.

If their life was in danger and Valve rescued them, they'd still be angry at them for not helping sooner.

humbleopinion2932d ago

well, when Microsoft did it with their blockbuster (Halo 3) promoting a new IP from an independent developer (Crackdown) a lot of people did call it a money grab...
Luckily Crackdown was totally worth the money even without the Halo 3 beta key.

grailly2932d ago

I don't believe realtime studios was exactly an "indy" they were being published by microsoft. In that case microsoft was promoting their own product. Here Valve is mainly helping out some developers that they believe are good.

humbleopinion2931d ago

Realtime Worlds was an independent studio not owned by a Publisher, and Crackdown was their first game.
They made a publishing deal with Microsoft for Crackdown, but Super meat boy (that is available as part of the potato sack deal) made an exact same deal with Microsoft who's publishing their game on the Xbox 360. Care to explain to me what the difference is? Didn't MS promote crackdown because they believed Realtime Worlds to be good? Is Valve the only company capable of doing it?

Valve after all is not helping any developer out of charity. They're doing it because:
1) It serves as a HUGH promotion for Portal 2, giving it headlines that money simply can't but
2) They are making money from each game sold, as this deal is limited to games available in their Steam service and nothing more.

D812932d ago

Cracking idea for my money.

Arsenic132932d ago

Who cancels their preorder for a game because Valve is trying to have fun and get the game out earlier? People can be so f**king stupid.

tdrules2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

Of course it's a marketing ploy, so fucking what.
Indie developers get more money (VALVe cares about indie devs), VALVe have given people the opoortunity to get the games earlier than if the deal wasn't around.

The thing that confuses me is UK release date is 22nd, and timer runs out on 19th, so does that mean even if people don't succeed UK people will still get the game a few days early?

Lamarthedancer2932d ago

The problem was is that they included Half life refrences throughout the arg which they knew for a fact would get people excited and would want something bigger to come out of it.

Valve tries not to say anything relating to HL because they know people will think there getting ready to announce the next HL game.

So basicaly the blame falls on both sides.

This is why people are a little disappointed with Valve


BlackKnight2932d ago

Aperture Science is in HL2 though. The Borealis is a ship that is Aperture Science's and it is seen in HL2. The games are connected so for people to assume it means an HL announcement is coming and then getting MAD when it wasn't simply because the universes are the same is NOT Valve's fault.

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