Mortal Kombat's free-variable system trumps slow, unwieldy patches

PSU writes, "NetherRealm's upcoming reboot of Mortal Kombat forgoes the traditional method of modifying a game post-release — a downloadable patch, approved by the console manufacturer — in favor of a 'free-variable' system.

Though major changes will still require a patch, smaller adjustments to individual moves — an infinite combo exploit, for example, or an overpowered attack — can be implemented via the free-variable system, which resides on NetherRealm's servers."

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GraySnake2929d ago

Interesting! sounds like it could be a small game changer.

CernaML2929d ago

This is good! It's just like Uncharted 2's multiplayer sync feature.

Redempteur2929d ago

Actually it's probably the same kind of technology ..a cloud based system that the game sync up toat each launch ...

i wonder how fast the game will launch if there is a server trouble or if your connexion is slow ...

soundslike2929d ago

Its well needed, even if its still just behind the ease of patches on PC. Games sometimes have to wait months on consoles just to get bugfixes out...just because it goes through the same approval process as DLC does. ASS-BACKWARDS and I'm glad they did something to circumvent the system as its holding/held many games back, including:
Killzone 3
many more...

MasterD9192929d ago

Lookin' better each day.